This post has gotten all kinds of comments and questions since publication- I had no idea that there were others out there as nerdy as I am!

Although they are often amputated, hanger loops are totally radical.  Arm holes are cut on the bias and will stretch out from the weight of a garment when hung; hanger loops help to distribute that weight.

Pictured above is one of two if you see cake deep green burn-out velvet dresses, available from the studio on Saturdays (10:00 am to 6:00 pm) starting in mid September 2010- 589 Markham Street, Toronto ( 

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So the question is: if hanger loops are necessary, how can one keep them from slipping out? 

Because I am in love with clothing, the hanger loops pictured above are the same silk satin as the straps of the dress and are sewn in about an inch down the seam as opposed to right at the top- all this in an effort to prevent that slippage; or in the case of slippage, attractive slippage.

To fix up faulty hanger loops, little snaps can be purchased from any sewing supply store and sewn in with a couple of hand stitches- one side of the snap should be tacked to the side seam and the other to the hanger loop. Ensure that a little bit of slack is built in so that the seam lays flat.

Pictured below is all necessary hardware and a t shirt that I got a couple of years ago with hanger loops that help to compensate for the open neckline.

Or safety pins!

Satin is rarely silk. Satin is a weave or a method of constructing fabric, not a fiber- check the label of the garment to see if you are getting polyester or nylon or silk.

Pictured above are assorted not silk, but still satin dresses that are currently available at Honest Ed's- 581 Bloor Street (

Blazers should always be hung on those nice big, fat jacket hangers; the interfacing that is used inside jackets to give them a crisp shape is like paper and will crease on one of those wire hangers from the cleaners.

Pictured above is one of three if you see cake reworked, dead-stock blazers, available in store at Coal Miner's Daughter in mid September 2010- 587 Markham Street, Toronto (