The weather has taken a snappy turn towards winter! That means sweater- may I suggest an if you see cake silk blend banger with a so so vintage patch lovingly sewn on by hand? Available now at the Sara Duke Factory Store, open today 10 am to 6 pm, 589 Markham Street.

Wonderful, things are wonderful- I have found a pair of boots that I can work with! 

I was in a Value Village (second hand store) and grabbed a perfectly lovely pair for just $7.99; I did a little test of the inner lining today but the cream wool felt that had set aside made me look like Santa Claws. More to come! Ya!

Please forgive the tardiness of this post- I have been out all day long looking for a rubber boot to convert into an awesome rubber boot.

It has been a tough go, let me tell you! The pony print bangers that I was swooning after don't seem to be available south of Bloor Street in my size and the stylish lower price point boots that are available at the mall do not accommodate the girth of my super running calves; said boots only passed a particular point, then puddled around my ankles (much too embarrassing to photograph, but feel free to picture it and snicker.)  

I did, however, come across an even more expensive rubber boot:

Behold! See by Chloe priced at $250.