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To expand on the previous post, here is little bit more information about labels:

Removing labels from the back of a garment is understandable; despite efforts from the fashion design community, tags are scratchy. Scratchy because they are often sewn in with clear (or nylon) thread which has, because it is a filament fiber, sharp ends. It is necessary to use the correct instruments when removing a label- big dull kitchen scissors just won't do! Grab a pair of thread clippers, embroidery scissors or a seam ripper; small and sharp will insure that the correct threads are clipped. Nail clippers, eyebrow scissors or a box cutter will also work.

Take the time to do this job correctly because holes that occur somewhere on the garment as opposed to on the seam of a garment can not really be repaired nicely. Pictured above is a variety of acceptable tools for the job.

(Rant: labels annoy designers for a completely different reason- they must be designed, the design then sent to a supplier who always has a minimum orders of about $150 which means about 150 labels, which is a lot for a small fashion house, then they take 6 weeks to arrive, then they have to be sewn in... then the customer hacks them out with big dull kitchen scissors- a former boss of mine would call that a "make work" project.)

This post was inspired by a conversation with my wonderful husband.

He purchased a knit sweater and instantly cut the tag out, remarking that the hanger appeal was compromised by its application. It looked sloppy because the label was not sewn flush to the back of the top. There is a reason for this- knits have give and thus the label has to have a little give; it allows for the garment to be pulled on and avoids nasty little holes.

Pictured above is a stretch velvet dress with a totally awesome tonal rose print- the fabric can only really be described as "bad/good", a term that my contemporaries and I developed in fashion school to note that ugly can be wonderful. This dress, along with many other rad pieces of clothing, is available from the "I made this for you."- Sara Duke Factory Store (589 Markham Street) each and every Saturday between 10 am and 6 pm, or by chance or by appointment any time- please contact

Hello There,

I just wanted to use a bit of this space to send out a little note. Thank you to everyone who stopped by yesterday for Super Open Saturday- it was truly a super day!! Lots of people I recognized, lots of friends and lots of strangers stopped by- I met all kinds of really great people. I couldn't have asked for a better day.


Also, a very special thank you to my beautiful super model Sasha A. who was a great sport and modeled all of the new if you see cake fall product. She has been all over this blog all week and is pictured above. Thanks Sash!

So it is now official, the "I made this for you." Factory Store will be open every Saturday for the rest of my life, by appointment, or by chance. Let me know if you would like to stop by between Saturday at 6 pm and the following Saturday at 10 am, I will make sure to be there, just for you! Contact for an appointment.

And now back to your regular blog posting.

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