Get ready, get set- next Saturday, the front of my studio will be all the way converted into a shoppe. You and yours are welcome to stop by and take a look-see at all of the new if you see cake Fall 2010 product. Pictured above is an all the way black and all the way cotton top and skirt with grommets and vintage fur detailing. Available at 589 Markham Street this coming Saturday, September 18th 10 am to 6 pm, by chance or by appointment any time- please contact

A French seam is when the raw edges are hidden in the seam allowance of a garment. French seams are constructed by doing double the work- half the width of the seam allowance is sewn, then the garments is turned inside out and the other half is sewn. Tidy, durable and a mark of quality. Often found on garments made of sheer fabrics, and mandatory on dress shirts.

Pictured above is a custom piece for a very lovely client under the "I made this for you." -Sara Duke label; silk georgette over jacket for a three piece outfit (pictured below). If custom work is of interest, for an appointment, please contact 

Back to school! Dear students, folding knit garments (neatly) and storing them horizontally in a dresser drawer, as opposed to hanging them vertically in a closet, will help prevent elongation and the twisting of seams.

Pictured above is a humongous pile of assorted T shirts that are currently available at Honest Ed's- 581 Bloor Street (

Bias binding is a beautiful way to finish the seams on a woven garment- it's a strip of fabric that has been cut on the bias and is folded around all of the raw edges then sewn into place.

Pictured above is one of six if you see cake vintage cotton with antique button and silk satin bias bound neckline detail tops, available from the studio on Saturdays (10:00 am to 6:00 pm) starting in mid September 2010- 589 Markham Street, Toronto (

Or, alternatively, for an appointment, please contact