Hunter Boots: I really want these boots. About three winters ago I also really wanted these boots; I looked into getting a pair then and they were $150 and just couldn't bring myself to spend the money. Then, this past Sunday, I hyped myself up and was going to do it. But still couldn't. 

I had a very interesting conversation with my best friend yesterday- the plan was to buy the inset sock for the winter with the Hunter logo on it and wear them with a pair of rain boots from any place. 

I looked into that yesterday and decided that the polar fleece sock priced at $39 was also not worth it- I think that I can do better. I am going to work on that, I think that I can do better, make a nicer pair of socks out of wool felt and buy that any rain boot from any place. Now, this might be one of those times where I spend a lot of time and energy making something that is an epic fail, but I will keep you posted with pictures and such...


  1. I was going to do that last winter, but I was going to knit and felt a giant sock, then wear it inside the boot when it was mostly dry so that it formed to my foot and the boot.

    Now I want to try again...

  2. Anonymous31.10.10

    Do it! That's smart.