To expand on the previous post, here is little bit more information about labels:

Removing labels from the back of a garment is understandable; despite efforts from the fashion design community, tags are scratchy. Scratchy because they are often sewn in with clear (or nylon) thread which has, because it is a filament fiber, sharp ends. It is necessary to use the correct instruments when removing a label- big dull kitchen scissors just won't do! Grab a pair of thread clippers, embroidery scissors or a seam ripper; small and sharp will insure that the correct threads are clipped. Nail clippers, eyebrow scissors or a box cutter will also work.

Take the time to do this job correctly because holes that occur somewhere on the garment as opposed to on the seam of a garment can not really be repaired nicely. Pictured above is a variety of acceptable tools for the job.

(Rant: labels annoy designers for a completely different reason- they must be designed, the design then sent to a supplier who always has a minimum orders of about $150 which means about 150 labels, which is a lot for a small fashion house, then they take 6 weeks to arrive, then they have to be sewn in... then the customer hacks them out with big dull kitchen scissors- a former boss of mine would call that a "make work" project.)

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